Pedro Pete Ramirez,

Proram Inc. Arlington Heights, IL 60004



         Full SDLC and solution architect, including technology and executive leadership

         Mobile solutions

         Web applications with server or client-side emphasis

         Cloud services and clients

         Senior software developer and architect



         Languages: C#, C++, JavaScript, Java and many more

         Development Tools: Visual Studio, Xamarin Studio, Eclipse, NetBeans, Android Studio

         Microsoft Development Stack: .NET, C#, C++, VB.NET, ADO.NET, XML, WCF, LINQ (IEnumerable)

         Mobile Development: Xamarin for Android and iOS, Xamarin Forms, VS App Center, HockeyApp, deploy to stores

         Web Development: ASP.NET, MVC, Web API, HTML5, AJAX, JavaScript, jQuery

         Cloud: Azure services, server-side JavaScript or Entity Framework, RESTful services, JSON

         Database Technologies: SQL Server, MySQL, SQLite

         Windows Development: UWP, XAML, WinForms, WPF

         Other Tools: SharePoint, Team Foundation Server, GIT, SVN, Red Gate SQL, Infragistics, Syncfusion

         Bluetooth LE Mesh: Expertise using the Silicon Labs (Silabs) development kit and BLE Mesh technology



         Architecture skills include; MVVM, appropriate Pattern application, OO and maximizing full SDLC efficiency.

         Object Oriented Analysis and Design (UML, Booch, Coad/Yourdon), Patterns, Reuse Engineering, Component Engineering, SOLID (Single responsibility, Open for extension/Closed for modification, Subtypes and substitution, light-weight role Interfaces, Dependency reduction through proper abstraction.

         Personal Software Process: emphasis on productivity improvement, optimization of Change-Code-Test cycle, strengthening of coding skills; self and team improvement techniques using agile, scrum and extreme programming principles; Customer focus throughout the life cycle, including reviews, demonstrations, clear communication and feedback; Continuous education and search for enlightenment.

         Quality ensured through rigorous testing using Use Case, User Story and their variations, review of the software process, debugging skills, Test Driven Development and other engineering best practices.



         Azure: App Services, Web Sites, DocumentDB, SQL Server, Storage, WordPress Nami, and many other services and features

         AWS: DynamoDB, S3

         Android and iOS phones and tablets




Senior Software Architect and Development Consultant, Intermatic Incorporated, 2019 Current

Key Xamarin Mobile developer for a new Intermatic application using new technology in a number of areas. Primary among these is Bluetooth Mesh, where I've written over 90% of the code, including device provisioning and communication, using the Silabs Mesh development kit. My efforts have led to vastly improved communication reliability. I've also focused on user experience, cloud services, and more. Technology includes MVVM architecture, SyncFusion controls, MvvmCross, C#, AppCenter, AWS, and much more, all within an agile process. Targeted platforms include Android and iOS.

My solution and efforts will enable Intermatic to become a leader in new Bluetooth technology, within a strong, emerging market.

CTO, HyHat LLC, 2014 2020

Chief architect and developer of Motovate (previously TextNinja), a Xamarin Android and iOS app, which uses C# and MVVM (with MvvmCross). Technologies used include MVVM for modularity and Test-Driven Development, Portable Class Libraries and Plug-ins. The application uses Facebook or Twitter for OAuth authentication. Converted cloud services from Parse to Azure Mobile App Services. Platform technology includes SMS management, Bluetooth LE and OBDII device communication. Android and iOS platforms.

Additionally, created a cloud data management application, using Xamarin Forms, that runs on a desktop or mobile device. This allows HyHat personnel to create, edit and view data in the Azure hosted SQL database.

Senior Software Developer, 3D Exhibits and Links Technologies, 2017 - 2020

Developer of Xamarin Forms iPad and tablet apps. Databases are MySQL and SQL Server. Developer of web sites using ASP.NET, Razor, MVC with Entity Framework. Server-side REST API, email and document services. Hosting on Azure and Windows Servers (IIS). Full stack development.
Source code is C#. Components are from Syncfusion, Socket (barcode readers), Xamarin, SQLite.

Web site technology includes JavaScript, jQuery, VB.NET and C#.

Senior Software Developer and Architect, MedSpeed, 2011 2016

Chief developer of software, including; Main operations web site (ASP.NET) using n-tier architecture, SQL and SPs. Also, LOB Xamarin Forms hand-held scanner app using MVVM, SQLite with Azure Mobile App Services cloud data. The architecture fully supported TDD, with test projects at each layer. The process included some pair programming and code review.
Created and maintained other applications. SQL Server databases, Merge Replication, and modules and tools.
Migration of internal server services to Azure services, including; SQL and IIS, B2B and internal data using Web API, Job Queue, web sites and other services

Teaching Assistant, University of Chicago, CSPP51050, 2013

Department of Computer Science, Object Oriented Architecture: Patterns, Technologies, and Implementations. Grader for C#, C++, Java homework, labs, final project. Designed homework for Layers, Faade, and Strategy design patterns.

Software Consultant, United Airlines, TekSystems , 2010 2011

Developed hand-held scanner software for baggage tracking and airplane loading using C# and Visual Studio. Created WCF web services to act as a mediator between the scanner and the enterprise data provider in lieu of the actual UAL mediator, which was not ready when the scanner project was started.
Added multi-threaded, multi-layered enhancements to scanner software to allow a manager to send baggage handlers their work assignments in real time.

Software Consultant, Bantix Technologies (, 2009 2010

Developed web application using ASP.NET, C#, SQL Server 2008. Created web pages, and many n-tier components. Web pages included e-commerce pages; product shopping, shopping cart, checkout, credit card, gift card management. Others included user profile and associated data entry and edit pages.

Software Consultant, Bantix Technologies and MedSpeed, 2007 2010

Developed Line of Business Windows Mobile/Windows CE software to route couriers and track medical deliveries. The toughened Windows Mobile Pocket PCs contain barcode readers and use the Windows Mobile OS.
Designed multilayer architecture, separating WinForms UI, Business and Data Access layers. Developed product with .NET, C#, SQL Server Compact Edition, ADO Datasets, SqlCeResultSets. Used SDKs for devices from Motorola/Symbol, Intermec and Socket Mobile. Applied SQL Merge Replication to wirelessly synchronize PPC data with home office data.
Created a C# conversion program to transfer existing SQL Server data to a new database/schema.
Developed Internet Explorer add-in using Add-In Express.

Developer, iFlexFly, 2007 2008 (Part-Time)

Using SQL Server, .NET, C# and ASP.NET, developed the Data Access and Business Access Layers and created web pages for to coordinate a flexible corporate travel policy for employees. Used Visual Studio 2008 Team Foundation Server with MSF for Agile to track work items, bugs, project assets and builds.

Software Consultant, 2003 2007

KLO (formerly KLO Professional Billing, Inc) provides medical billing services for doctors and doctor groups. Created a medical billing software suite for KLOs main business/service activities using C#, ADO.NET, SQL Server and Infragistics components. Created doctor rounding and work activity mobile application (ChargeSync), including a complete database using C#, .NET, ADO.NET, SQL Server, SQL Server CE, Deklarit, OpenNETCF, ASP.NET, WinForms and other technologies. SQL Merge Replication and RDA are used to synchronize the Windows Mobile database with the main database at KLO. Used Web Services for application version management, data access and device tracking. Also wrote business workflow guides, troubleshooting tools, and a set of procedures for various related activities. Most tools are deployed via ClickOnce.

Software Consultant, Siemens Medical, 2003

SMS-AX Division. Contributed to the angiography workstation product, in an effort to implement features and improve quality. This product is a Windows based, x-ray machine workstation. Quickly recognized the software design and implementation and performed testing, code changes, code review and other software development related functions using Visual C++. The tools ClearQuest and ClearCase were used for task tracking and source control. Used Agile, Pair-Programming and other processes.

Software Consultant, Sciaky Inc., 2002 2003

Wrote infrastructure libraries (using .NET) and modified existing software for integration into the user interface of a new machine control.
For a separate project, developed the man-machine interface for a primary product line using Visual Basic and Visual C++. The product uses WinForms and ActiveX servers/components. Wrote C++ components, including ActiveX servers (using ATL), that use COM, DCOM, and a visual component.



         Microsoft Certified: Azure Fundamentals, June 2020

         Xamarin Certified Mobile Professional, Xamarin University, 2018 (actively enrolled). View official certificate:

o    Badges Earned: App Page Navigator, Async Multitasking programming, Azure Mobile Developer

         MCTS, Windows Mobile 5.0 Applications, 2007

         Microsoft Windows Mobile 5.0 - Application Development, C#, 2007

         MCTS, .NET 2.0 Windows Applications, 2007

         Application Development Foundation, C#, 2007

         Windows-Based Client Development, C#, 2007

         MCP, Developing Windows-based Applications with C# and .NET (1.x), 2006

         MCSD, C++ and Visual Basic Exams, including Developing Applications with C++, 2002

         Official Transcript:
Transcript ID: 750447, Access Code: prtranscript

         Object Oriented Analysis & Design Workshop, Palladio Software

         Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago, Illinois. BSEE with computer hardware and software emphasis.



My main objective is to position myself with a smart company that has a reputation for high performance accomplished by staffing creative software engineers with tremendous raw talent. I bring to the table extensive experience with a wide range of technologies, coupled with a commitment to achieving high-quality results. Further, I have an outstanding ability to work with others as a team member, a leader, and a client contact.
Through my constant education, exploration and experimentation, I quickly become an expert on any technology, providing a consistent source of new capabilities and appropriate solutions for a wide variety of business applications and industries.


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